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OMICS Publishing Group is a premier publisher of open access scientific journals. Throughout the year, we organize international conferences that witness the huge participation of scientific community, including scientists, research scholars and post doctoral fellows. The OMICS Publishing Group is rigorously involved in the practice of disseminating scientific knowledge to the benefit of humankind. The OMICS Group has unique identification standards as it is typified by an object identifier. Further, all the journals of OMICS Group are indexed in CrossRef.

OMICS Publishing Group is glad to announce its recent initiative of acquiring journals from reputed publishers. So far journals have been acuired from Aston Journals (USA), Ashdin Publishers (USA), LibPubMedia (UK), La Prensa Medica (Argentina) & Oral Health and Dental Management (Romania), respectively.
To know more: OMICS Group follows a standard review process that is carried out in the best interest of the researchers and the readers alike. OMICS Group journals follow a peer review process powered by Editorial Manager® system that is an authentic application used by veteran publishers like Nature, Elsevier, etc... Any fake organization would not publish over 10,000 well-written articles in its capacity.
A publishing process is labelled fake in the absence of a genuine process for a journal, or reviewers are not capable of handling the big responsibility. The huge number of 25,000 reviewers and editors under the purview of OMICS Group bears testimony that the organization is driven by values and principles. The journals of OMICS Publishing Group are indexed in various world-renowned scientific indexing platforms like CAS, Scopus and several more.

As part of its initiatives in the past five years, OMICS Group has organized scientific events with the participation of FDA and NIH scientists, and these can be checked and verified from publicly available rosters pertaining to the concluded events. The Group firmly believes and reiterates that several competitors have been alarmed by the smooth progress and global benchmark set up within a short time in serving the scientific community.

As a response to the allegations levied, the OMICS Group has welcomed one or two reputed scientists for the OMICS Group conferences lined up, covering the accommodation and registration fees in whole with an opportunity to speak. The organization hopes sincerely such events bridge the gap and help in confidence-building measures and restoration of trust. The fact that the scientific community of today is much conscious than ever, those members can never be taken on a ride or trapped through any fraudulent or fake approach.

The concept of open access publishing has been labelled by certain groups as fake or dubious, and that those are into active spam, while a scientific organization does not have the means for safeguarding itself from recurring complaints. The wiki pages and the content in Wikipedia about open access publishing speak volumes of its benefits. Nevertheless, it is high time for the publishing entities and open access advocates to maintain reputation and utilize their resources to prevent scam and building more positive review and tackling fake claims. As with any other system in place, the open access movement has witnessed its own bad times with its opponents targeting the industry with the blame of predatory approach.