Manta Ray Symposium 2013, Oceanography Symposium, Oceanography Conference 2013

Manta Ray Symposium-2013

International Conference on Oceanography
August 21-23, 2013 Holiday Inn Orlando International Airport, Orlando-Florida, USA

Welcome to Manta Ray Symposium-2013
OMICS Group Conferences is excited to announce the Manta Ray Symposium, which will be held at Holiday Inn Orlando International Airport, Orlando, Florida, USA on 21-23 August, 2013.
Manta rays are vulnerable according to the IUCN Red List, although we have only limited information on their biology and ecology, which would be essential for successful management of their fragile populations. Our group strives to address this problem by organizing a symposium to facilitate researchers to share views and ideas on conservation and bring awareness. It could not be better timing after their listing in CITES Appendix-II recently, which will change the scope of the research needed in the future! This symposium will give a great possibility to bring together Scientists, Foundations and Industries to discuss ideas on how to continue research after this great accomplishment.
Indicative Symposia
Manta ray population dynamics
Tagging and tracking studies, migration, distribution
Manta ray genetics
Genetic analyses of Manta rays and Mobulas, species separation, morphotypes
Manta ray morphology
Morphological measurements, body markings
Manta ray taxonomy
Species identification, description, putative new species
Manta ray behaviour
Behavioural observations and experiments on feeding, mating, social behaviour, sensory and cognitive abilities
Manta ray conservation
Marine protected areas, what is the next step after Appendix II, identifying sponsors
Manta ray-human interaction/dive industry
Sustainable dive tourism, the impact of divers presence on manta ray behavior
Possible threats
Artisanal fisheries around the world, water pollution, human disturbance, bycatch, gill plate trade, how to manage these threats
Plenary Speakers

Dr. Csilla Ari
Foundation for Oceans of the Future
Supported Journals

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