Call for Abstract

2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Nutritional Science and Therapy, will be organized around the theme “Assessing, Analyzing & Monitoring Nutritional Research”

Nutritional Science-2013 is comprised of 12 tracks and 49 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Nutritional Science-2013.

Submit your abstract to any of the mentioned tracks. All related abstracts are accepted.

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  • Track 1-1Body composition and nutritional intervention
  • Track 1-2Macronutrients and micronutrients
  • Track 1-3Carbohydrate and protein nutrition
  • Track 1-4Dietary assessment methods
  • Track 2-1Anti oxidants and oxidative stress
  • Track 2-2Osteoporosis and short bowel syndrome
  • Track 2-3Obesity, diabetes and related disorders
  • Track 2-4Occupational renal disease and environmental medicine
  • Track 2-5Food hypersensitivity and allergic reactions
  • Track 2-6Other inflammatory and immune diseases
  • Track 2-7Protein-energy malnutrition
  • Track 4-1New developments in food processing and food engineering
  • Track 4-2Liquid and ultrasonic food processing
  • Track 4-3Enzymatic assay methods
  • Track 4-4Process control and process packaging interactions
  • Track 5-1 Prebiotics, probiotics and synbiotics
  • Track 5-2 Nutritional properties of Single Cell Protein (SCP) & probiotics
  • Track 5-3 Functional evaluation of probiotic food products
  • Track 5-4 Bioactive food components and ingredients
  • Track 5-5 Antioxidant properties of probiotics
  • Track 5-6 Nutritional & medical benefits of fermented foods
  • Track 5-7Probiotic yogurt and dairy products
  • Track 6-1Food and nutritional quality control
  • Track 6-2Generating new food sources
  • Track 6-3Dietary guidelines and the food pyramid controversy
  • Track 6-4Econutrition and agrodiversity
  • Track 6-5Food safety, nutrition and wellness
  • Track 6-6Food poisoning
  • Track 7-1Physical activity
  • Track 7-2Malnutrition
  • Track 7-3Healthy life style promotion
  • Track 7-4Health policies & implementation
  • Track 7-5Nutritional epidemiology & disease prevention
  • Track 7-6Nutritional education and counseling
  • Track 8-1Nutrition and the hormonal system
  • Track 8-2Optimal growth of premature infants
  • Track 8-3Dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and functional foods
  • Track 8-4Nutrition and metabolism
  • Track 9-1Biomarkers in nutrition
  • Track 9-2Upcoming advances in experimental nutrition
  • Track 9-3Nutri-genomics & nutri-genetics
  • Track 9-4New experimental approaches in clinical nutrition
  • Track 9-5New experimental approaches using stable isotopes
  • Track 9-6Organic food research