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International Symposiums, Workshops & Events

OMICS Group International, the World’s leading open access publisher and scientific events organizer label its presence in the history of publishing by successfully operating 300 Scientific Open Access journals with the support of 25,000 Editorial team and patronage from more than 3 million readers across the globe. Also it fruitfully organizes more than 100 International conferences a year with the presence of distinguished scientists, business delegates, young and talented researchers and student communities representing more than 30 countries where they are able to discuss their research work in the form of oral and poster presentations. These international events planned throughout the year include symposiums, workshops, exhibitions, B2B and scientific partnering meetings organized on specific topics related to the theme of the conference. OMICS Group International signed agreement with more than 100 scientific associations and societies towards a development initiative in the field of science & technology.

OMICS Group International conferences comprise effectual keynote lectures from eminent scientists, CEOs, Directors and Presidents from various prestigious institutions across the globe. The lectures will be presented based on the theme of the conference where major breakthroughs and recent innovations are discussed. An interactive panel discussion will be present at the end of all presentations where queries are raised and issues debated. After the session concludes, the Keynote speakers, Editorial board members of supporting journals and Conference Organizing committee board will be felicitated with a memento and certificate in recognition for their efforts laid towards the success of this conference.

OMICS Group International events also mark individual speaker presentations from renowned scientists, post-doctoral researchers and business delegates attending across the globe. Abstracts are submitted to the conference committee prior to their presentation where the status will be informed after peer-review process. A peer reviewing committee evaluates the abstracts submitted for the conference and all accepted abstracts will be identified with a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number to be indexed as a special issue in the related OMICS Group’s open access journals. The scientific program for the conference is designed with exemplary keynote lectures, oral and poster sessions covering all the related aspects of the conference theme. Scientific-sessions of the conference will be moderated by session’s Chair & Co-chair who are responsible for moderating the session and to take leading interactive panel discussion. Speakers will be felicitated with a certificate of honor from the conference organizing committee towards their participation.

International Conferences 2014

OMICS Group conferences offer an exclusive international dais for talented students to present their research work in the form of posters. The posters meant for presentation should be based on a real-time data and able to communicate the ultimate theme of the conference. An expert committee generally reviews the abstracts before accepting them for presentation at the event. The criteria for the selection of successful candidates will be based on the originality, scientific merit, expected outcome of the research work and the quality of presentation. Selection practice would be done by the Organizing Committee and OMICS Group International coordination committee. A certificate of participation is awarded to each presenter at the end of the conference. OMICS Group International specially announces the commencement of ‘Young Scientist Award’ and ‘Best Poster award’ competitions at their international events with a view to encourage talented young researchers to participate and present their research findings besides availing exclusive benefits. Through these new initiatives, the winners receive travel grants for attending the conferences in addition to special benefits on membership and manuscript publishing in OMICS Group scientific open access journals. These competitions are indeed an outstanding opportunity to the students and researchers enhancing the prospects for a bright career.

OMICS Group organizes scientific workshops and symposiums at their international events every year with large number of professionals from industries, top ranked universities, research laboratories and prestigious associations and societies, allowing them to socialize and build connections through mutual networking and collaborations. Symposiums are characterized with the presence of scientists, delegates and research experts participating from different parts of the world where they can discuss the research work in the form of live presentations in front of a large international audience. Presentations will be carried out through a sequence of lectures which includes interactive panel discussions and query session, triggering the exchange of viewpoints among the participants. Workshops are educational meetings, where the participants elicit their research innovations in the form of live working models. These international symposiums and workshops will be organized on specific topics related to the conference theme. Symposiums and workshops conducted at OMICS Group international conferences are indeed major avenues for student researchers enabling them to interact with scholarly professionals in their respective field.

In addition to the scientific workshops and symposiums, OMICS Group also hosts special B2B meetings at their International conferences where networking happens among industrial professionals, business clusters, capitalists, institutional and corporate investors granting them boundless opportunities to promote business deals and product enhancements. Exhibitions and showcasing technologies or services at OMICS Group international conferences is one of the best ways to develop business-to-business interactions and an exceptional format to convey information, gather opinion, and generate new ideas through discussions. Delegates from diverse nations, independent organizations and business clusters join these international events where business meetings of scholarly societies or interest groups are a part of conference activities. At these meetings, contemporary trends in the market are emphasized, analyzed and reviewed catalyzing information exchange which ultimately opens a collaborative channel for mutual associations and partnerships. OMICS Group organizes scientific exhibitions at their conferences providing an exclusive choice for the exhibitors to choose and promote products or services to a large and varied range of audience creating a prospect for socializing and building connections.

Participating or hosting an exhibition at OMICS Group’s International events possess manifold revenue rising and relationship building benefits. Being involved in exhibition/sponsorship provides an opportunity to reach the target audience and promotes one-to-one interactions, builds corporate relationships and market growth. OMICS Group scientific partnering is a unique source of talent, research and innovation which gathers academicians, talented young researchers, enthusiastic student communities and knowledge groups under a single roof promoting information exchange and helps explore cutting edge solutions for critical challenges faced by the scientific world.

At the stretch of our international cruise in elevating the scientific changes around the nook and corner of the world, we have strengthened our place as the iconic scientific organizer in organizing more than 100 scientific conferences and avalanching further with escalating new ideologies for a more significant and intense scientific career for the coming year 2014-15 in Europe, China, Australia, Dubai, India and Saudi Arabia. We feel lordly to project few of our testimonials which are always the continual ingredients and the backbone for our standards of success. Michael S. Tomczyk, University of Pennsylvania, USA, confessed that, “He thoroughly enjoyed participating in the conference. The presentations were very focused and valuable and I learned a lot myself from attending the sessions”.