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5th World Congress on Cell & Stem Cell Research

March 23-25, 2015 Chicago, Illinois, USA.

International Conferences, Congress, Meetings

OMICS Group International

Each step in the walk of human existence adds new grains to the development and OMICS Group International provides an opportunistic forum and vibrant podium through these propitious events to amplify these steps and meet the highest demand ever, by reflexive and cerebrative interactions. Established in the year 2007, OMICS Group International has been progressively organizing scientific conferences around the world, rendezvous which include various streams of scientific study to enhance and accelerate discovery for a better tomorrow. The non-profit firm boasts about organizing an average of 100 conferences per year which is supported by 300 open access journals and 25,000 Editorial Board Members. The number of reader views of the website has clocked 3 million and still counting. Lately, around a 100 scientific associations of various fields from all over the globe have shown interest in collaborating with OMICS Group International to promote their research work.

Objectives of Meetings

The main objectives of Scientific events are to emphasize scientific relations between academicians, researchers, scientists and industry professionals to explore technology enhanced learning and improve relationships between the industry and the academic community in order to spur the momentum towards designing and catering the innovative researches and advancements in the scientific field, which will lead to further groundbreaking developments.

Furthermore the convention is intended to:

  • Improve associations with all those teaching structure at universities
  • Ensure that the association provides strapping support for education
  • Focus on conference new academic peers
  • Diversified Fields

    Academic Conferences are being organized throughout the calendar year in various parts of the globe in diversified fields like Medical, Clinical, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Management, Engineering and Applied sciences.

    Organizing Committee Support

    The Organizing Committee members propagandize broader intellectual resources by sharing their new research and challenges, which will be a sparking experience for all the participants in oscillating the inevitable knowledge and tear down the silos of ignorance by integrating cognizance that encapsulates us.
    Roles of Organizing Committee:
    Design, monitoring and maintenance of conference website
    Theme management
    Call for abstracts and confirmation to delegates
    Suggest the names of eminent scientists for the designed scientific sessions
    Review the submitted abstracts under that theme

    Invited keynote speakers

    The invited keynote speakers of these meetings are the intellectual heart and soul personalities committed to advancing quantitative and qualitative sectors of academic advancement, leading research strategies, professional business development, and networking, where all the global professionals are willing to devote their adequacy in an ethical way for the betterment of our society.


    Scientific Sessions

    Conferences include data sessions and empirical papers. Conference participants can analyze recordings of round table discussion and interactions among the gathering. There are various scientific sessions in the division of tracks and sub-tracks, scholarly confabulations, panel debates, workshops, exhibitions and poster presentations to offer an autarkic forum for open minds.

    Benefits to Professors & Associate professors

    OMICS scientific events provides the best platform to the professors, assistant professors and associate professors to establish international network or linkage that helps them in extending their collaborative research and to share their research ideas. Irrespective of region, we provide an interactive informal platform for social and scientific networking. Faculties and researchers can attend our scientific events to present their research papers, demonstrate their projects and R & D activities. We established a bridge among researchers from the developed, developing and underdeveloped countries to share their research thoughts, ideas to extend their research through collaboration option by our international congresses.

    Benefits to Students and Young scientists

    OMICS Group International welcomes the young & engrossed intellects from Universities, Industries and private research sectors to take part in the scientific conferences and International symposiums. The present development scenario demands a proactive approach of the researcher and International conferences provides a perfect platform to the young and energetic youth to warm up their ideas.

  • A moment recognizing the research and validating your hypothesis
  • An opportunity to meet the world class scientists and researchers
  • A platform to discuss as well as share the knowledge and experience and to have access to the multidisciplinary research discoveries & current research methodologies for the development of future career prospects
  • Chance to build up new scientific connections & collaboration
  • Added Attractions

    Most of our Conferences host exclusive workshops, symposiums and exhibitions with a view to bridge the gap between the theory and practice. Eminent scholars, experts and personalities who are practicing in their respective fields are part of these initiatives and they provide first and foremost information about what is happening in the industry.

    In order to encourage students in the field, OMICS Group Conferences include poster presentations and ‘Best Poster Presentations’ are part of it. The presentations and research endeavour will be acknowledged by the eminent Scientific Panel. Young and entrepreneurial scientists are selected for ‘Young Scientist Awards’ for their unique and inventive projects presented at the conference.

    OMICS Group international conferences for students serve as a perfect platform for learning, interaction, knowledge sharing and networking, where the juniors can be benefitted by the seniors in the field.

    Global Networking

    OMICS Group International is an open hub for Global Networking wherein professionals, scientists, professors, researchers, students and the rest of the scientific community meet to discuss and evolve innovative scientific ideas. Networking also plays a key role in bringing together business and academia by promoting them simultaneously as well benefiting both. The firm is dedicated to pave a way for budding scientists, researchers, corporates and industrialists to understand the importance of science and join the rest of the scientific network and together spawn new research.

    B2B meetings

    OMICS International events organizes B2B meetings, scientific collaborations and partnership as a part of its international conferences with the intent to enhance as well as explore new business opportunities and to establish a global platform to interact with experts worldwide.

    Key factors in OMICS Group International B2B meetings and scientific partnering

  • Enhances new business and collaboration opportunity in a friendly atmosphere, place where academia reconciled with industry to explore new opportunity and research discoveries
  • Participants can choose relevant contacts among the world congress and select the available time slot during the event
  • Private One-to-One interactive meetings with high affiliate business representatives and eminent scientists
  • Online partnering offering the appropriate environment to enhance the functionality of the international meeting
  • Personalized online assistance
  • Offers high profiled searches, promotion of resources both for corporate and research labs with networking and branding opportunities
  • Common platform for cooperative R& D initiatives and formation of combined ventures
  • OMICS International Scientific Partnering offers an exclusive range of promotional services and business development services with International scientific and business societies, associations and corporate sectors
  • Provides enhanced opportunities for business deals, product promotion, solution for business opportunities and partnership option
  • We promote electronic communication between the expert scientists/ prominent researchers/ highly affiliated academicians and OMICS Group Journal’s Editorial Board Members
  • Our platform unities the leading industry professionals, investors both from industry and academia to evaluate the scopes and enhance the opportunities through a global network
  • Sponsor Opportunities

    OMICS Group International events provide exciting opportunity to showcase the services of your company to the broad International audience. We would like to take the utmost pleasure in inviting you to Sponsor/ Exhibit at our event. Sponsors and exhibitors are always encouraged to advertise and promote themselves via. OMICS Group International. OMICS Group International Conferences provide an easy and affordable way to the sponsors and exhibitors to promote their program/organization/institution to the targeted academic as well as professional audience.

    Benefits to Sponsors & Exhibitors
  • High-profile speech opportunity at our conferences via. proprietary meeting sessions and panel discussions
  • Develop market management, through a function that fosters discussion on key business trends and issues
  • International conferences also provide a best platform for Business tie-ups, associations and to improve their business in a new angle
  • Demonstrate an unparalleled prospect for you to form important, new business relationships which generates sales, by bringing customers to you
  • Provides branding, through face-to-face opportunities to take on discussion with thought and decision leaders
  • International Meetings also provide reasonable prices to involve all the organizations ranging from small scale to international level corporate organizations with additional benefits
  • Through our international conferences, we establish the best podium where industry and academia tie up together for the commercialization of innovative research findings and enhancing the collaboration between universities, research centres and industries.