Scientific Program

Track 1: Stem Cell and Cancer Cell Therapy
Track 2: Stem Cell Transplantation
Track 3: Tumour Science
Track 4: Leukemia�s: Antileukemic Drugs
Location: Chesapeake


Haval Shirwan, University of Louisville, USA


Diana Anderson, University of Bradford, UK


Break: 18:35-19:35
Cocktails Sponsored by Journal of Cell Science & Therapy @ Eden’s Landing Restaurant

Symposium on Neutral stem cells: Generation and applications
Location: Chesapeake
Track 5: Nanotechnology: Stem Cells and Cancer
Track 6: Apoptosis & Disease
Track 7: Metabolic Regulation: Cell Based Assays
Location: Chesapeake


Break: Coffee Break 15:50-16:20 @ Ballroom Foyer

Track 8: Emerging Technologies
Track 9: Stem Cells: Current Research
Track 10: Stem Cell Biology
Track 11: Stem Cell Treatment
Track 12: Recent Trends in Cell Biology of Aging
Location: Chesapeake


Jimmy Thomas Efird, Brody School of Medicine, USA


Beili Zhu, Northeastern University, USA