Scientific Program

Track 1: Biochemistry and Analytical Biochemistry
Track 2: Current Applications and Advances in Molecular Biology Studies
Track 3: Bioenergetics: Energy Pathways
Location: Texas C


James W Lee, Old Dominion University, USA

Session Introduction

Track 4: Current Research Aspects on Metabolomics & Metabolic syndromes
Track 5: Current Research on Bioengineering and Biomedical Sciences
Track 6: Biochemistry & Pharmacological Mechanisms
Location: Texas C


R. Thomas Boyd, The Ohio State University College of Medicine, USA

Track 7: Biochemistry & Physiology
Track 8: New Approaches for Molecular Biomarkers & Diagnosis
Track 9: Bimolecular Research & Therapeutics
Location: Texas c


Dipendra Pokhrel, Tribhuvan University, Nepal


Synan AbuQamar, United Arab Emirates University, UAE

Track 10: Plant Biochemistry and Systems Biochemistry Relation with Molecular Engineering
Track 11: Glycobiology
Track 12: Frontiers in Enzyme Engineering
Location: Texas c


Uma Lakshmipathy, Life Technologies, Primary and Stem Cell Systems, Carlsbad, USA


Break: Lunch Break 13:25-14:10@ Lone Star West

18:35-19:20 Cocktails Sponsored by Journal of Biochemistry & Analytical Biochemistry & Molecular biology @ Rio Grande