Call for Abstract

2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Biometrics & Biostatistics, will be organized around the theme “New Research Strategies in Biometrics and Biostatistics”

Biometrics-2013 is comprised of 9 tracks and 42 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Biometrics-2013.

Submit your abstract to any of the mentioned tracks. All related abstracts are accepted.

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  • Track 1-1Statistical methods in diagnostic medicine
  • Track 1-2Clinical and experimental medical research
  • Track 1-3Clinical and vaccine trials
  • Track 1-4Medical biostatistics for complex diseases
  • Track 1-5Clinical trial design in biostatistics
  • Track 2-1Biostatistics in systems biology
  • Track 2-2Bioinformatics and bio-computations
  • Track 2-3Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Track 2-4Data analysis: Missing and multiway
  • Track 3-1Bio production processes and process systems engineering
  • Track 3-2Pharmaceutical statistics
  • Track 3-3Agricultural biostatistics
  • Track 3-4Bayesian statistics
  • Track 3-5Statistical methods: Markov chain monte carlo
  • Track 3-6Importance of statistics in the field of engineering
  • Track 4-1Next generation sequencing and rare variants
  • Track 4-2Statistical genetics and population genetics
  • Track 4-3Genetic association studies
  • Track 4-4Microarray analysis
  • Track 5-1Linear and non-linear analysis
  • Track 5-2Analysis of variance and regression
  • Track 5-3Statistical methods for categorical data analysis
  • Track 5-4Multiple regression with categorical data
  • Track 6-1Survey sampling
  • Track 6-2Emerging issues in survival analysis
  • Track 6-3Random sampling methods
  • Track 6-4Stratified sampling methods
  • Track 6-5Systematic sampling methods
  • Track 7-1The biometric system design process
  • Track 7-2Analysis of biometrics system
  • Track 7-3Biometric social and cultural implications
  • Track 8-1Fusion in multibiometrics: Data normalization & identification techniques
  • Track 8-2Governmental & commercial applications of biometrics
  • Track 8-3Computing techniques in multibiometrics
  • Track 8-4Biological biometrics
  • Track 8-5Behaviour biometrics
  • Track 8-6Medical biometrics
  • Track 9-1Cognitive biometrics
  • Track 9-2Multimodal biometrics
  • Track 9-3Periocular biometrics in the visible spectrum
  • Track 9-4False discovery rate controlling methods & survival analysis
  • Track 9-5Statistical methods in genetic epidemiology