Call for Abstract

5th International Conference on Biomarkers and Clinical Research, will be organized around the theme “Diagnostic significance of the therapeutic bio-clinical molecule”

Biomarkers-2014 is comprised of 10 tracks and 43 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Biomarkers-2014.

Submit your abstract to any of the mentioned tracks. All related abstracts are accepted.

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  • Track 1-1Protein biomarkers
  • Track 1-2Fluorescent biomarkers
  • Track 1-3Blood biomarkers: Serum and blood cells
  • Track 1-4Cancer biomarkers
  • Track 1-5Analytical biomarkers
  • Track 2-1Next gen sequencing
  • Track 2-2Personalized genome sequencing
  • Track 2-3Micro RNA sequencing
  • Track 2-4SNP biomarkers
  • Track 2-5Immuno flouscent biomarkers
  • Track 2-6Molecular imaging biomarkers
  • Track 3-1Transcription analysis and profiling
  • Track 3-2Microarray data analysis
  • Track 3-3Molecular biomarkers
  • Track 3-4si-RNA and mi-RNA
  • Track 4-1Patient segmentation and stratification: Successful integration of diagnostic tools
  • Track 4-2Clinical data annotation: Classification distribution metrics, pattern recognition
  • Track 4-3Statistics in clinical studies
  • Track 5-1Case study and data management
  • Track 5-2Clinical and non clinical biomarkers
  • Track 5-3Medical devices
  • Track 5-4Bioethics and intellectual property rights
  • Track 6-1Data mining methods
  • Track 6-2Genomic and proteomic approaches
  • Track 6-3Metabolomics and metabonomics
  • Track 6-4Computational biology in biomarker discovery
  • Track 7-1Epigenetic biomarkers
  • Track 7-2Internal exposure and genetic susceptibility to drugs and chemicals
  • Track 7-3Toxicodynamic parameters in pathological and biochemical changes
  • Track 7-4Pharmacodynamic parameters in pathological and biochemical changes
  • Track 8-1Neurological disorders
  • Track 8-2Genetic disorders
  • Track 8-3Metabolic disorders
  • Track 8-4Cardiac disorders
  • Track 8-5Inborn errors
  • Track 9-1RT-PCR
  • Track 9-2Molecular imaging and dynamics
  • Track 9-3Biochemical assays and profiling
  • Track 9-4Immunological techniques
  • Track 9-5Chromatographic techniques
  • Track 10-1Interactions of biomarkers with nanoparticles
  • Track 10-2Biological and biomedical applications
  • Track 10-3Nanodevices