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Theme: Milestones of innovative scientific research in biodiversity and its allied areas
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OMICS Group International is a pioneer and leading science event organizer, which publishes around 350 Open Access journals and conducts over 100 scientific conferences all over the globe annually with the support of more than 100 scientific associations and 30,000 editorial board members and 3.5 million followers to its credit.

OMICS Group is delighted to invite you to attend the 3rd International Conference on Biodiversity & Sustainable Energy Development which is going to be held on June 24-26, 2014 Valencia, Spain. Biodiversity-2014 provides a platform for scientists, engineers, directors of companies and students in the field of Biodiversity to meet and share their knowledge. It gives an opportunity to foster collaborations through the research talks & presentations to put forward many thought provoking strategies sharing the common agenda of biodiversity conservation. International Conference on Biodiversity & Sustainable Energy Development which was held at Hyderabad, India in September-2012. 2nd International Conference on Biodiversity & Sustainable Energy Development was held at Raleigh, North Carolina, USA in August 12-14, 2013. Benevolent response and active participation were received from the Editorial Board Members of Journal of Ecosystem and Ecography and Journal of Biodiversity & Endangered Species as well as from scientists, researchers, leaders in the field of Biodiversity and students who made this conference a successful and productive event.


Renowned Speakers
Brunetto Anton Chiarelli
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University of Florence
Alexander Ivlev
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Russian State Agrarian University
Omar Bagasra
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Claflin University
Danielle Marceau
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University Calgary
Conference Highlights

Biodiversity, Energy Systems and Environmental Sustainability

Ecosystem and Ecography

Linking Hydrology and Biodiversity

Biofertilizers and Biopesticides

Management of environment and water resources

Environmental Hazards & Natural Disasters Management

Sustainable Energies and their Development

Current Issues and Measures

Waste water treatment and reclamation

Biodiversity & Its Allied Areas

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To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World
Conference Date
June 24-26, 2014
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Biodiversity-2014 welcomes contributors from all the applied fields of Biodiversity and Sustainable energy development, not limited to the specific conference themes. A comprehensive range of topics including Biodiversity, Energy Systems, Environmental Sustainability, Sustainable energy systems and environmental considerations, Biofuels and Agronomy, Ecosystem and Ecograpy, Effect of Environmental Change on Living Organisms, Synthetic Biology towards Bio-defense, Green Energy Technology, Food Sovereignty and Food Security, Sustainable Energies and their Development, Effect of Pollutants in Atmosphere, soil and water, Hazardous Waste and Industrial Waste Treatment, Global Biodiversity Impacts and Climate Adaptation etc. will be covered by international speakers. This International Conference enables a common platform where any participant can discuss their research in order to establish a scientific network that binds together the academia with industry leads to foster collaboration and to evaluate the emerging issues, technologies and innovations in the arena of Biodiversity and Sustainable Energy Development and allied fields to explore new possibilities and improving the existed opportunities. To discuss the applications and of Biodiversity for the betterment of mankind OMICS Group put forward its step to organize the unique Biodiversity-2014 event focusing on the theme “Milestones of innovative scientific research in biodiversity and its allied areas”.

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